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Graphtec FC9000-serie

The Graphtec FC9000 Series Cutting Plotter provides higher levels of productivity and greater ease of use than any other cutting plotter on the market.

The FC9000 comes as standard with media catch nets, networking capabilities, built-in cross-cutter, stand and is available in 4 different widths to perfectly fit into your work space and media requirements.
Class Leading Performance | Increased High Level Productivity | Premium Design Software
  • Configuration: Grit Roller With Digital Servo Drive System
  • Built-In Cross Cutter
  • Barcode reading
  • Networking Port
  • Media Catch Baskets
  • Media Tracking Distance: 15m (Extended To 20m If Automatic Take Up Roller Installed on 140 & 160 Versions)
  • Maximum Cutting Force: 5.88N (600gf)
  • Minimum Character Size: Approx. 3mm Alphanumeric (Varies Depending On Character Font & Type Of Media)


Graphtec CE7000-serie

  • Cutting area of guaranteed accuracy (*1): 1504mm × 2m
  • (When using optional basket): (1504mm × 5m)
  • Mountable media width Min.: 50mm
  • Mountable media width Max.: 1626mm (64inch)
  • Mountable roll media mass: 20 kg
  • Number of push rollers: 4 rollers (Max. 5 (option))
  • Max. cutting speed: 1000mm/s at 45° direction
  • Acceleration: 13.9m/s2 at 45° direction
  • Cutting force: Max. 4.41N (450gf)
  • Minimum character size: Approx. 5 mm alphanumeric (varies depending on character font and media)
  • Mechanical resolution: 0.005mm


The FC2250 series cutting plotters 

The FC2250 large format flatbed cutting plotters are ideal for designers and prototyping in the offset printing - to cut printing blankets, digital printing industries, packaging industry, fashion industry, as well as road sign making, stone & glass sandblasting/etching, electronic film industry, etc.

• Garment Pattern Cutting & Marking
• Shoe Pattern Cutting & Marking
• Package Design Prototyping
• Monument & Stone Sandblast Mask
• Industrial Films for Electronics
• Reflective Highway and Road Signs
• Offset Printing Blanket cutting
• Architectural Model Building

The FC2250 series cutting plotters handle a wide range of media

• Apparel patterns
• Compressed foam sheets
• Corrugated cardboards
• Packaging samples
• Containers and road signs
• Sandblast rubber templates
• Stencils, gaskets


Tjeckiska COMAGRAV har rötter inom trä och möbeltillverkning sedan tidigt nittiotal. Med överdimentionerad teknik från möbeltillverkningsmaskinerna gör COMAGRAV Digi Corsa till en otroligt robust och pålitlig maskin även för grafisk produktion.

Digi Corsa har flera skärmoduler och spindlar med automatiskt verktygsbyte som standard.

Kamera som läser QR eller barcode för snabbare och automatiskt arbetsflöde.


  • Maximum material height for cutting - 60 mm
  • Maximum material height for routing - 80 mm
  • Maximum speed - 1150 mm/s - 69 m/min
  • Maximum acceleration - 5000 mm/s2 (depends on used tool)
  • Resolution - 0.00075 mm
  • Spindle power - 3.6 kW
  • Maximum spindle speed - 50000 RPM
  • ATC tray - 8 tools, covered
  • Clamping - HSK E25
  • Collets - Ultra precise ER-16 (dimension 1-10 mm)
  • Space under gantry - 80 mm
  • Tool cooling - Integrated in dust collector
  • Vacuum power - 5.5 kW
  • Vacuum zones - 6, software-switched
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