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NI Solutions Aktuellt Nyheter fra NI Solutions Epsons new SureColor SC-P professional printers

Epsons new SureColor SC-P professional printers

Epson has just released four new professional printers in the SC-P series designed to meet the needs of the professional photo, fine art and proofing markets.
SC-P8000 & SC-P6000 (is replacing SP7890/9890)

Using Epson's eight-colour UltraChrome HD pigment-based ink-set, the SC-P8000 and SC-P6000 have a wide colour gamut, improved lightfastness and are capable of producing neutral black and white prints. Ideal for producing professional photographs, fine art prints, and standard proofs they are an all-round, high quality Graphic Arts printing solution.


SC-P9000 & SC-P7000 (is replacing SP-7900/9900)
The SC-P9000 and SC-P7000 provide the ultimate proofing solution. Building upon Epson's solid reputation in this market, both models ensure highly-accurate prints with colours that will remain consistent throughout the print run. Using Epson's 10-colour UltraChrome HDX ink-set, incorporating a new violet ink, both models can produce a wide spectrum of colours achieving 99% of the Pantone®1 colour library for highly accurate spot colour reproduction, making these two printers the most colour accurate large format printers on the market utilising 10 colours or less.

More information:
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Epsons new SureColor SC-P professional printers
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